The two most delicious f… words in greek cooking!


IMG_6646Greeks! We love pies! We fill them with spinach, cheese, spinach and cheese, meat, chicken, fruits, even nuts and honey. But elaborate greek pies take time to prepare.

Feta parcels on the other hand? They only take two minutes to make.

I am looking for two things here: Perfectly baked filo, tasty Greek feta!
What you need is a packet of filo pastry, a block of feta cheese and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

If your filo comes frozen you have to thaw it completely before you unroll it.



Preheat the oven at 400 degrees and brush a baking tray with olive oil.

Cut the feta in slices using your index to ensure equal thickness.

Unroll the filo, spread it out and cut it in two long strips.

Brush a little bit of olive oil and place the feta just above the lower part of your filo, fold it once , fold it twice and then bring-in the sides and keep folding to the top of the fyllo strip. This will keep the melting feta inside its filo parcel.


Want them spicier? Sprinkle the feta with some chili flakes before you start folding.

Want to add some aroma? Sprinkle thyme or oregano or place a basil leaf at the center of the feta cheese.

When you place them on the lightly-oiled baking tray make sure to leave some space between them so that the sides get nice and crispy too!

Brush them with Greek aromatic olive oil and sprinkle with black or white sesame or pink pepper.

Wet your fingers and shake them over the filo, this makes the fyllo crispier.

Bake for twenty minutes or until the fyllo gets a nice golden color on both sides.

The feta parcels are ready! Drizzle some honey and serve them straight away.

And you want to know something funny? You can even serve them as a tangy dessert, with more honey, some cinnamon powder and why not? Lavender flowers!


The two most famous Greek F… words in one delicious dish: feta in filo parcels.


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