Meze with gruyere and quince paste


A meze with greek gruyere on quince paste


The best company is…all of us: people who believed that our talents, optimism, madness, work, education, persistence, patience and kindness could help lift this country back to its feet. We believed in the ultimate goodness that prevails and hoped for a…how shall I put…a happy end where everyone is well.

And now, all of us are left in shock at our miserable state, wondering what on earth went wrong, when and how and why…but, strangely enough, some of us still refuse to give up.
We go on with whatever little hope could be salvaged. ‘Don’t give up,’ we whisper to each other.

Instead of sinking low and guilt-tripping each other with phrases such as, ‘we all spent the money together’, phrases based on oversimplified opinions by greedy people, we turn inwards, look deep and, with whatever tiny scrap of energy we have remaining, we begin again. We meet in twos, plan something and silently it happens, and we go on meeting, in twos, in threes – maybe it’s contagious? Without doubt, there’s an air of comradeship between us. Between the greater company.

We listen to the hardships of friends who are struggling or have lost their jobs and sympathise, we smile at the sceptics, thank those who help us and really mean it, we begin filling up with strength and lend a helping hand to those hardest hit by this crisis, either materially or psychologically, (and who, in my humble opinion, are the most humiliated losers of this ridiculous world game and have, according to statistics, reached extraordinarily large numbers).

We help out because, this way, we also help ourselves. By comforting others, we get comforted, too, in something perhaps completely different but, isn’t love like that? An array of channels? Connected vessels?

Am I being vague? Talking mumbo-jumbo? Bourgeoisie nonsense? Perhaps! You might even think I sound like a preacher brandishing his stick… This is what it’s like… What can one say? Everything seems to have lost its worth: words, priests, the old, the new, ideologies, decency, kindness, helping our fellow humans, everything’s become suspect and frayed. Everything. Nothing is left uncriticised, everything’s rejected, where can one lean for support? Certainly not on his neighbour! Right? Wrong! That’s the only place one can find support…

So, we go on. Together.


(One more appetising meze for the holidays, perfect in its simplicity and easy to make).

Pick a good quality quince paste (a delicious one is from ‘Goumenisses’), and cut out different shapes – stars, circles, rhombuses – with a cookie cutter.

Cut out the same shapes from the gruyere, only smaller in size. Make sure the cheese is salty, so it creates an appetising contrast with the sweet quince paste.

It also goes really well with a thin strip of green chives or spicy radish on top.

We want unusual mezes, new things. Surprises.

We’re done with the old…


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