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CHICKPEAS-2The world is changing, some say for the worse. It is an unbearable thought. But, there is a positive side effect or is it just my idea? Have we started supporting each other ? Does it feel good when we do? How many of us, fortunate and still employed here in Greece (with 1 in 2 unemployed) are still standing, helping those that have lost everything, their dignity first?

Sure, some still resist, they insist on everything being black, disappointing, bleak, dangerous , out of hand , a disaster. They are the ones that when you ask for help they say they are busy. They refuse to offer a helping hand…

I know that for a fact because I talk with a lot of people daily from many parts of the city. I don’ t talk to impoverished and misfortunate daily, no, and I do not pretend to do so. I speak to those who have dropped their daily siesta and boredom and have collected enthusiasm and money (and cans of milk to send to the greek islands where refugees arrive from the sea from Turkey) and with others like them do MIRACLES EVERYDAY!

Doctors opening their practices to the sick and needy, cooks offering a meal to their neighborhood, psychologists supporting the ones who shook…

Are you? Are you helping? Are you richer than the ones that make you sad on tv news? Are you brighter than our politicians? Are you still up and standing and you have something to offer? It doesn’ t matter what. It doesn’t matter how much or what kind, just do it!

What matters is that when you see a friend or a stranger in pain, despair or hunger and you have something extra, a surplus of any sort you give it.

We help each other , the moment we see a social or personal need, no questions asked , with no second thoughts and we do it because we can.

(And thank you Annia, for offering me a great, a fantastic recipe that you had in surplus today… You are my contributing editor from now on! Now, let’s go and cook at the Alimos old American base that from tomorow, it turns into municipal medical help, gratis for all poor. My friends are going to be there. I am rich. Soooo rich. )


Take already boiled chickpeas and place them baking tray that’s covered with some greaseproof paper.

Sprinkle a little olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, peri peri powder, lemon juice, cumin powder, oregano or anything else spicy. You can make them as spicy (or not) as you can stand!

Place into a preheated oven at 170C.

Bake until the chickpeas begin to dry out and are quite crunchy, like nuts.

Enjoy simply like this , or sprinkle them over your salads, in yoghurt, with vegetables, in rice…..the choice is endless!

Annia, is a contributing editor to , a published author , a great cook and one of the two official translators of the recipes from Greek to English! 

(Thank you darling! Om shanti… )


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